Guitar sensor Ajo CristalClean 501 Active (AJO CC501A) for neck or bridge positions, polyphonic, active, 9V power supply.

Crystal clear, deep and bright sound that gives out the timbre of an acoustic guitar without processing and is richly transformed by distorting effects with a low level of interference.

Basic version for any style of music. Suitable for installation in both side and bridge positions. In the bridge position, it is recommended to use for guitars with either a single bridge humbucker, or for guitars with a bridge humbucker and a neck single. The pickup is primarily intended for use in guitars where the humbucker plus humbucker circuit is provided in the side position along with the CC502A sensor in the bridge position. The pickup reproduces the entire sound frequency range without any additional resonances, which allows you to get everything that the string gives out in the sound output. It has a crystal clear and transparent sound that resembles the sound of a good acoustic guitar. The ss501a pickup allows you to get the most out of THE instrument, while using a minimum of additional equipment. This pickup allows you to record pure sound directly into the line input and get the full range of overtones and colors that the instrument is capable of.

Audio recording for AJO CC501A in bridge, A-RAM guitar (Korea 1996), Ernie Ball 9/46 strings in the line input of the M-AUDIO sound card without any additional processing and equalizers.

Audio recording for AJO CC501A with CRUNCH effect, in line input of M-AUDIO sound card, FLOYD ROSE machine, TECH 21T NYC Liverpool pedal.

Audio recording for AJO CC501A with DISTORTION effect, in line input of the M-AUDIO sound card, FLOYD ROSE machine, TECH 21T NYC Liverpool pedal.

Запись для AJO CC501A в позиции НЕК, гитара Greg Bennet, в линейный вход, без дополнительного оборудования.

Recording for AJO CC501A in the NEK position, Greg Bennet guitar, in line input, without additional equipment.

Recording for AJA CC501A in the NEK position, Shure SM57 microphone, Yerasov GTA-40R combo amplifier, TECH 21TNYC Liverpool distortion effect.

Technical specifications

Type of magnet


Resonant frequency

62 kHz

Maximum output voltage range

6 V

Output noise ((50-60) Hz)

-110 dB mkV

Output impedance

10 кOm

Current consumption

450 mkA

The design life of the battery

1 000 h

Rated power supply voltage

9 V

Maximum supply voltage

27 V

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